1. What is LEED?


2. How does LEED-NC work?


3. How many points are required for a project to be LEED-NC Certified?


4. How does precast concrete contribute to LEED-NC rating points?


5. What LEED-NC points does precast concrete contributes toward?


6. How can precast concrete reduce the heat-island effect described in the LEED Sustainable Sites credit (SSc7.1)?


7. Do recycled materials in concrete (fly ash, slag) contribute to LEED points?


8. Is the 500-mile-radius requirement for local-material content limited to the finished precast concrete product, or does it also apply to the raw materials?


9. How can precast concrete contribute to Innovation and Design in LEED?


10. How does precast concrete contribute to the underlying sustainability concept of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"?