Steiner Studios


Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY


Steiner Equities Group, New York, NY


Dattner Architects, New York, NY (Building Exterior)


Paulus, Sator & Sokolowski, Warren, NJ


Steiner Building Co., New York, NY


Car-Win Construction, Inc., Eastampton, NJ

Project Scope

Sq. Footage:

270,000 – studio complex
27,000 – support space in each of 5 sound stages


3-story office complex

Structural Precast Elements:

• 133,500 sq. ft. – 12" precast hollowcore planks (553 pieces)
• 27,100 sq. ft. – 8" precast wall panels (72 pieces)
• 9,100 linear ft. – precast columns and beams (366 pieces)
• 102,300 sq. ft. – 12" precast wall panels (360 pieces
• 82,700 sq. ft. – 8" precast wall panels (514 pieces)
• 92 pieces of precast stairs and landings


Steiner Studios
Steiner Studios
Steiner Studios
Steiner Studios
Steiner Studios
Steiner Studios
Steiner Studios
Steiner Studios
Steiner Studios

Total Precast—Best Supporting Role in a Major Production
Roll sound…roll camera…slate…action. That’s Hollywood—or is it New York?

For years, the film industry in New York has been in decline, choosing instead to locate to the sun and fun of the west coast. But as Frank used to say, “start spreadin’ the news.” The film industry is returning to New York thanks to the large talent pool in the city and the cooperative efforts of the New York City Office of Film and Broadcasting, Steiner Equities Group—and precast concrete construction. With the help of total precast construction, a 265 acre parcel that was once the Brooklyn Navy Yard is now the site of a 270,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art film studio and production facility.

Steiner Studios is equipped for start-to-finish production of major motion pictures, independent films, television, music videos and broadcast commercials. The sprawling complex houses five sound stages including a 27,000 sq. ft sound stage—the largest in the Northeast, a 3-story office complex, tech-forward production facilities, screening rooms, a fitness center and a commissary. “The studio complex is a perfect fit for precast construction," says David Steiner, CEO of Steiner Equities Group, a second generation, family operated business that has designed and built over 10 million sq. ft. of commercial property across the United States.

Because the film business presents some unique challenges for construction, careful attention must be paid to the acoustical demands of modern studios where tight tolerances take on a whole new meaning and longer spans for more space is an absolute must. “Sound attenuation and clear interior space are of utmost importance to our industry, says Steiner, so precast made a lot of sense. Plus, we could complete the main structure in a mere 70 days, allowing us to start operations a lot sooner than with other construction methods or materials.” You’ll probably never see it on the screen, or even when they roll credits, but the real stars of this saga are the 133,500 sq. ft. of 12" hollowcore plank, 27,000 sq. ft. of 8" solid studio wall panels, 9,100 sq. ft. of columns and beams and an entire cast of other supporting precast components that helped bring the Steiner Complex to reality. That’s a wrap.

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