Millersville University Parking Garage


N. Prince and W. Cottage Streets, Millersville, PA


Millersville University, Millersville, PA


Greenfield Architects, Lancaster, PA


Providence Engineering Corporation, Lancaster, PA


High Construction Company, Lancaster, PA

Project Scope

Sq. Footage:



4 levels, 350 parking spaces

Structural Precast Elements:

Precast concrete pieces include double tees, girders, wall panels, spandrels, stairs and columns.



• Thin brick wall panels.
• Buff precast panels with thin brick inset.


• Building cast in an architectural buff color.


Millersville University Parking Garage
Millersville University Parking Garage
Millersville University Parking Garage

Design-build Approach Provides State-of-the-Art Parking for Millersville University
This four-level, 110,000 square foot garage was built on an existing lot to increase student parking capacity on the growing campus of Millersville University of Pennsylvania, in Millersville, PA. The project was completed using a design-build approach in which the architect’s contract was held by the general contractor.

With parking for 350 cars, the new structure has a setback of one full bay on the top level to accommodate the design parking space count while adding architectural interest. Cast in a structural buff color, the building features spandrel panels inset with thin brick in a traditional running bond pattern that integrates with the character of the surrounding campus.

Beside the main entrance a combination stair and elevator tower provides access to all levels. Glass curtainwalls on two sides of the tower provide maximum visibility and safety for garage patrons. Economical punch-through stairs facilitate floor-to-floor access on the opposite end of the garage, and lead to a pedestrian entrance at ground level. An aluminum awning protects the top floor punch-through stair opening, which is formed in the center area of the 15’-wide double tee.

Motorists may access the garage through a main ground level entrance, or through a second-level entrance that takes advantage of the existing grade on the side of the building. Inside, travel is bi-directional using a double helix layout. At 45’ wide, the parking bays are easy to navigate for cars and SUVs, and offer familiar 90-degree front-in parking in generous 9’-wide spaces.

Interior shear walls provide structural and seismic support while preserving the outside appearance of the garage. White-color metal halide lighting keeps the interior bright and safe at night, reflecting off the undersides and driving surfaces of the unpainted double tees. An open-air structure, the garage has no need for mechanical ventilation.

This simple, classic garage design maximizes the use of campus real estate, preserves campus green space, helps reduce the urban heat island effect, and makes Millersville University a safer and more attractive place of higher learning.

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