N Street Duplexes


424-434 N Street NW, Washington, DC




Elizabeth Madison, Washington, DC


Suzane Reatig Architecture, Washington, DC


Advanced Structural Systems, Reston, VA


Herman/Stewart Construction, Lanham, MD

Project Scope

Sq. Footage:

Total: 21,600 SF; Per Unit: 3,600 SF



Structural Precast Elements:

• Prefabricated concrete wall panels
• Hollowcore concrete planks

Architectural Precast Elements:

• Façades are predominately curtain walls with the added rhythm of brick on the street façade


N Street Duplexes
N Street Duplexes
N Street Duplexes
N Street Duplexes

The N Street Duplexes are a new interpretation of the Washington DC row house in a Historic District. Constructed in a long neglected section of the Shaw neighborhood, the dwellings have transformed the area and serve as a prototype for affordable urban living.

In a departure from typical residential wood construction, these row houses are built with materials commonly used in commercial and institutional buildings. The shell: prefabricated concrete wall panels and hollowcore concrete planks. The facades: predominately curtain walls with the added rhythm of brick on the street façade. To keep the project feasible, all the building elements we used are standard, off-the-shelf items.

The precast concrete structure offers durability, non-combustibility, sound absorption and cost-efficiency, making it ideally suited for high-density urban living. The unique configuration of interlocking units allows both lofty, double-height spaces and double exposure; a rare combination in urban living. Each unit has ample outdoor space. The lower unit features a rear, private terrace that expands livable space. A roof-top terrace belonging to the upper unit provides breath-taking views of downtown Washington, DC.

By rethinking urban, multi-family housing design, we were able to provide unparalleled quality of life to the inhabitants.

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